FAQs about Bunky (Bunkie) Boards

A bunky board is a solid sheet of material used to support the mattress.

A bunky mattress is one where the support is built into the mattress.

Bunky boards are needed anytime you use a standard unsupported mattress.

If you will be using a bunky mattress it can be used on either top or bottom beds.

A box spring can be used to support the bottom bed in a bunk bed but must not be used on the top bed of a bunk or loft because this can raise the top of the mattress above the safety rails.

FAQs about Stackable Bunk Beds

Your Bunk Bed can be made stackable which allows you to use the top and bottom beds separately or stacked upon each other as needed.

FAQs about PICKING UP Your Order

You can bring your own vehicle to pick up your order.  All pick ups are done by appointment.  We will help you load your items.  We do ask that you bring along some moving blankets (cardboard works too) and bungy cords or straps as needed.  We have very flexible hours and can almost always accomodate your schedule.

Some items like storage drawers are bulky but most orders will fit in a pickup, minivan, or SUV.  Bunkie boards are usually loaded first and lay flat.  Everything else (end assemblies and bed rails) will stack up on top of that.

Custom Stain Colors

Currently there are two stain colors, Pink and Periwinkle that can be done with no extra charge for pieces ordered with stain..

Extra Rungs

All loft and bunk beds are made with enough rungs on end assemblies to climb to the top bunk.  Adding extra rungs is a personal choice.  Some people like the appearance of more rungs and some like them so small kids have less distance between steps to the top bunk.